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Oban's Myths & Legends

Coyote makes people (continued)

Oban the Knowledge Keeper

The animals and birds gathered in a semicircle around Coyote.

He waited until all the murmuring, scratching of fur and rustling of feathers had stopped.

"I've decided to create another creature - called human people" he announced.

"And I want suggestions from all of you on what they should look like and the special skills they should have."

The animals and birds started chattering, growling and screeching all at once.

"They Should have fur"

"No, they need feathers"

"You're wrong! They need..."

"Hold on!" yelled Coyote. "I can't understand you when you all talk at once. Now, one at a time."

Mountain Lion growled. "People should have a loud roar like mine to frighten other creatures - and strong teeth and claws."

"Huh!" snorted Grizzly Bear. "If people go around roaring like you do, they'll scare everything off and not catch anything to eat. I agree about the teeth and claws - and they should have fur to keep warm!"

Otter shouted "They should be able to swim and hold their breath when they dive under water!"

"They don't need to swim! They need to fly and have big claws" screeched Eagle. "Then they can swoop down on things from the sky and carry them off!"

"No! They don't need to fly" shouted Beaver. "Otter is right. They do need to swim - but they need a large flat tail like mine to help them build their home."

"Antlers! They need antlers" snorted Stag, proudly showing off his huge set.

"Oh great! Give them big antlers that will get caught in trees and bushes" squeaked little Grey Mouse. Everyone started talking at once again.




"Big tail..."

"Four feet..."

"Stop!" growled Coyote loudly. Everyone stopped yelling and looked at him.