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Oban's Myths & Legends

Coyote and the Rock (continued)

SanjitFox went back to Rock and asked for the blanket. "No!" said Rock in his deep voice. "This was a present and I need it to protect me from the rain."

Coyote was angry when Fox told him what Rock had said. He ran back up the hill. "Rock, you are ungrateful and selfish. All these years you've been lying here with nothing to protect you - a few more drops of rain won't harm you. I am cold and getting wet and I need this blanket." And he snatched it back.

Coyote and Fox sat under the blanket, keeping warm and dry. Rock was cold and wet.

When the rain stopped, Sun peeked out from behind the clouds to see if anyone had missed him. Then the ground began to rumble and a crashing sound came from over the top of the hill.

"Fox, go and see what is making the ground rumble" said Coyote. Fox rushed up to the top of the hill, then ran back down screaming "Coyote! Quick run! Run! Rock is coming to take back the blanket."  Continue