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Oban's Myths & Legends

The Boy Who Loved Bears (continued)

Oban the Knowledge Keeper

When he returned to his village the hunter told his wife about the little bear.

“That’s really strange,” said his wife. “I saw a bear today too.”

A few days later when their son was born they decided to call him Little Bear.

As the years passed, Little Bear grew into a strong young man. He became the best hunter in the village. He could track animals just like a bear, and catch fish in the streams, just like a bear.

“He even growls like a bear when I try to wake him in the morning,” said Little Bear’s mother.

Often the young hunter would go and sit quietly, praying for hours where the bears were known to live.

“I get this really weird feeling when I’m sitting there praying,” Little Bear said to his father. “It’s as if I can feel the power of the bears.”

One day when Little Bear and other young men from the village were out hunting, braves from another tribe attacked them.

Little Bear and the young men from his village fought bravely but they were outnumbered. The battle continued until Little Bear and his friends lay dead.

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