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How The Dream Catcher Was Made (continued)
Based on a Native American story from several nations and tribes including Ojibwa, Chippewa, and Mi'kmaq - retold by Agor

Agor the Dragon

A short time later the boy stopped playing and ran inside.

“Grandma!” he called as he pounded across the hall to her room. “Grandma, are you asleep?”

He rushed through the doorway, then stopped and stared at the spider sitting in its large web.

“Spider,” he said and pulled off his shoe. He crept towards the web, ready to break the beautiful threads and kill the spider. “No, wait!” called Nokomis. “Don’t hurt it!”

The boy stopped and looked at her. “Why not?” he asked. “It’s just a spider.”

“Leave it alone,” said Nokomis. “It’s not hurting you and the web is beautiful. Come here and sit with me.”

The boy pulled his shoe back on and ran over to the bed. Then he laughed and climbed up next to his grandmother. She tickled him and stroked his head gently.

The two of them lay curled up for a while. Then Nokomis sang one of the boy’s favourite songs and he laughed again and joined in. When they finished, he clapped his hands, jumped down and ran outside again. His footsteps echoed through the house.

When the room was quiet again the spider climbed down from its web and walked across the floor to the bed. Nokomis sat up, surprised.

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