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Oban's Myths & Legends

How the Blue-Tailed Skink got its Blue Tail
By Hannah - Aged 9
Joliet - Illinois, USA

Skink the lizardLong ago there was a little brown lizard named Skink. He dreamed of being blue. One day his best friend Rabbit invited him to a party.

"You can come if you like, but Raccoon will be there. There's going to be games, food, and we get to dance." Raccoon was Skink’s worst night-mare. But he wanted to go to the party.

Spiked drinkPaint cansSo that night he got dressed and walked to Rabbit's house.

He was amazed by all the animals dancing, playing games, and enjoying the food at the food table.

Skink searched for Rabbit but instead he bumped into Raccoon. Skink darted across the room. He was so afraid that he hid in the basement.

Skink didn't see the giant buckets of paint in there because the room was dark.

Blue Skink lizardThen he bumped into the bucket of blue paint. SPLASH! Blue paint covered Skink's tail.

He stepped into the light.

He saw the blue paint run up his back, over his neck, and felt it drip down his face. It was like a dream come true. And it was also the best party ever.


How the Chameleon got its Colors
By Shawn - Aged 10
Joliet - Illinois, USA

Plain chameleonOne day in the Rain Forest a chameleon said: “I’m too plain to go to the party. I want to be colorful.”

Another chameleon said” “Let’s go to the Land Of Colors!” “That’s too dangerous,” said the first chameleon. “We’d have to cross Shark Land.”

Land of colorsBut they started their adventure anyway. They asked their friends if they could lend them a boat.

And they sailed across Shark Lake and didn’t get eaten. “We’ve made it!” they said, as they got out on the other side.

Coloured chameleonWhenever you step on the land full of colors, you turn colorful.

So when the chameleons were both colorful they went back home - and they went to the party.

That is how a chameleon got its color!!!!!!!


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