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The Storytelling Stone (continued)

Oban the Knowledge Keeper

“Shall I tell you a story?” asked the deep voice again.

Crow sprang to his feet and shouted “Alright, that’s enough. Show yourself now!”

Again, the clearing was silent and nothing moved.

Then Crow looked at the round stone he’d been resting against. He could see a face in it. He realised it was the stone’s voice he’d heard.

“Who are you, and what are you?” asked Crow.

“I am Grandfather Stone. I’ve been here since time began,” answered the stone.

“Shall I tell you a story?” asked the deep rumbling voice.

“What is a story?” asked Crow. “What does it mean to tell a story?”

“Stories tell us of all things that happened before this time,” answered Grandfather Stone. “Give me a gift of your birds and I will tell you how the world came to be.”

“You may have the birds,” said Crow.

He sat down in front of the stone. Its deep voice told him of a time before this one, how Sky Woman fell to earth, how Turtle Island was made, and about stone giants. When he finished one story, the stone told another and then another. On and on he went.

As the sun began to set the stone said, “That’s enough for today. Come back tomorrow and I will tell you more stories. But don’t tell anyone about what you’ve heard today.”

Crow ran back to the village. He managed to kill a few birds on the way to trade for hot food and parched corn.

When he traded the birds with a woman in the village she asked him “Why have you brought back so few birds from your hunting?”

“Winter is getting nearer and it’s harder to find anything to hunt,” answered Crow.

Early the next morning, Crow went into the woods with his bow and arrow. He hunted for birds and then rushed back to the clearing.

“Grandfather Stone, I’ve brought you more birds as gifts,” said Crow. He put the birds down on the flat stone. “Please tell me some more stories.”

Crow sat down and the stone started telling one story after another until it was nearly nightfall. This happened for many days. Crow brought back fewer and fewer birds to the village. The children of the village were even crueler to him. They made fun of him and told him that now he wasn’t even a good hunter.

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