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Why Bats Sleep in the Day
By Noah - Aged 10
Joliet - Illinois, USA

Flying batIf you want to know why bats sleep in the day, read this... Secret agent

Bats sleep in the day because they are secret agents, and once when a bat went out in the day something seized it.

To this day no bat knows what happened or why. It just happened. But one bat says: “If you want to know what captured him, ask him and he’ll tell you exactly what happened.”

Bat cave entranceSo now when bats go outside in the day they always, always go disguised as some other animal so they don't get captured.

So if you ever go outside a bat cave and see a different kind of animal come out, you'll know it's a bat because you will have read this.

That is why bats sleep in the day!


The Amazing Tall Trees
By Magaly - Aged 9
Joliet - Illinois, USA

Tall treeDo you want to know why trees are so tall? It’s because of the rain and their roots.

When it rains, the water drips go on the roots and the tree gets bigger and bigger. If it is not raining, make sure you give the tree water until you can see water in the ground again.

Apples, strawberries, blueberriesIn the store you can find an apple tree, or a blue berry tree and a strawberry tree too!

Make sure you’re a good gardener.

Your problem is animals. If you have a special tree, animals can eat it. Then it will be like you grew the tree for the animals. So you probably want to put up a high fence, so you will have a tree for yourself.

And that’s how trees grow so tall, and how you make a tall tree!


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