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Why a Hawk has Clawed Feet
By Matt - Aged 10
Joliet - Illinois, USA

Harry HawkOnce upon a time there were some hawks and a bunch of other animals that lived in a forest. But Harry Hawk, was a HUGE showoff, and even worse, it was his nasty feet he was showing off!

"Look how nicely trimmed these feet are!" said Harry. And Ronald Rabbit said "You should wash your feet rather than trimming them! They smell like trash!"

And Harry would do this all day: foot in face, face in foot, until midnight. Then one day, Harry got very sick. Ronald came up with a plan. The animals sent some pills to Harry, and he took them.Ronald Rabbit

He fell asleep for two months, and by the time he woke up, they had washed his feet {an experience they didn’t want to really think about}. They tried to cut his nails, but they were so hard all they could do was shape them a bit.

Hawk's clawed feetWhen Harry woke up he saw that his feet were clean and his nails were now claws.

He wasn’t happy like the other hawks. But he couldn’t change his feet.

And that’s how hawks got clawed feet!


Why a Cheeter is so Fast
By David - Aged 9
Joliet - Illinois, USA

CheetahCheetah was always as slow as a bug. When he raced all the other animals, he was always dead last. He kept jogging, but nothing happened. He was still slow when he ran.

The robotEven a robot came to help him train! But that didn’t work either. So he wanted to vanish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The night before he was going to vanish he saw a shooting star and wished that he could run fast.

But the wish didn’t work. He saw an airplane in the sky and tried to run after it. But he was too slow.

Then the cheetah saw another shooting star. This time he wished that he could be the fastest animal. And he was!

The cheetah won for the rest of his life!


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