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Oban's Myths & Legends

Why Owls Stare (Part 2)
Native American - Choctaw Story
retold by Sanjit

“Okay,” said Pigeon. “The Big Woods it is. You fly round and tell the owls and I’ll tell the pigeons. I’ll need a week because there are so many of us.”

Pigeon was angry“Well, I’ll probably need two weeks,” hooted Owl.

“No way,” said Pigeon jumping up and down angrily. “One week from today, an hour after sunrise. All owls and pigeons should be here. Anyone who’s late won’t be counted.”

“Agreed,” hooted Owl. Then they both flew off to tell everyone.

A week later the owls arrived first, just as the sun was rising.

The owls settled into the branchesThe owls arrived at the Big Woods at sunriseThey swooped down on the Big Woods from every direction until there were owls in most of the trees.

They hooted and laughed to each other “Toowoo, wah, wah! The pigeons are still asleep!”

The hooting and wing flapping died down as they settled on the branches and waited. They were sure there were more of them than the pigeons.

Dark clouds made of pigeon wingsAfter a while they heard a swooshing sound in the distance.

Huge grey clouds moved towards them from the east, south and north.

The clouds were pigeon wings.

Thousands of pigeons swooped down on the Big Woods, blocking out the sky.

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