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Oban's Myths & Legends

Why Opossum's Tail is Bare (continued)



"Of course you'll have a special seat" said Rabbit. "Everyone will see and admire your tail. No other animal has one as beautiful as yours."

Opossum swished his tail proudly, not realising Rabbit was making fun of him.

"As a special treat" said Rabbit, "Cricket the barber will comb and trim your tail tomorrow afternoon, so it will look more beautiful than ever."

Opossum was very pleased and Rabbit ran off as fast as he could, because he couldn't stop laughing.

The next day Cricket came to Opossum's house. "Thank you for letting me groom your beautiful tail, Opossum. I will be able to tell my grandchildren."

"Yes, combing my tail is a great honour for your family" said vain Opossum. Continue