PuppetShow: Lost Town Game - Free PuppetShow: Lost Town Game Download

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PuppetShow: Lost Town Game - Free PuppetShow: Lost Town Game Download!

PuppetShow: Lost Town Game - Free PuppetShow: Lost Town Game Download
Download PuppetShow: Lost Town Game Free Buy PuppetShow: Lost Town Game Now
PuppetShow: Lost Town Full Version Game Features
  • Immersive atmosphere
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • For a more in depth experience, check out the Collector's Edition

Description PuppetShow: Lost Town Game:

PuppetShow: Lost Town. After discovering a new system of caves, the entire town is excited to explore, until Suzy is kidnapped by a mechanical beast!

Emerging from the darkness and startling the townfolk, the creature causes a cave-in behind him, leaving no trail to follow.

Track the creature down and explore the mysterious caves in PuppetShow: Lost Town, a beautiful Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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PuppetShow: Lost Town Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews PuppetShow: Lost Town Game:

"PuppetShow: Lost Town is is the third game in the popular PuppetShow Hidden Object game series. The PuppetShow Lost Town game, or PuppetShow 3 if you like, has great graphics and a wonderful creepy atmosphere. I look forward to the release of the PuppetShow 4 game. With high standards like those in Lost Town, there surely will be a PuppetShow 4 game to continue the series. Download PuppetShow: Lost Town game today and explore the mysterious caves!" - Zoomer

PuppetShow: Lost Town Game Tips & Hints:

  • The EXTRAS button on the PuppetShow: Lost Town Game Menu is only accessible once you buy the collector's edition for this game.
  • Several sparkles in a cluster indicate a Hidden Object Scene in the game. These scenes contain inventory items needed to complete your journey.
  • Certain Hidden Object Scenes will require you to click on a part of the scene to uncover a hidden area. Items written in pink will be hidden from view.

PuppetShow: Lost Town Game System Requirements

PuppetShow: Lost Town Windows PC Game:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 1.4 GHz
RAM: 1024 MB
DirectX: 9.0
Hard Drive: 430 MB

PuppetShow: Lost Town Mac Game:

PuppetShow: Lost Town game for Mac available >>>