Virtual Families Game - Free Virtual Families Game Download

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Virtual Families Game - Free Virtual Families Game Downloads!

Virtual Families Game - Free Virtual Families Game Downloads
Download Free Virtual Families Game Buy Virtual Families Game Now
Virtual Families Full Version Game Features
  • Fully Trainable People!
  • Dynamic Illness System...Play Doctor!
  • Over 100 Trophies To Earn!
  • Hidden Puzzles Around The House
  • Game Day/Night Cycles Tuned To Wherever YOU Are!

Description Virtual Families Game:

Virtual Families is a casual family sim that runs in real time! Adopt and nurture needy people on your computer and help them meet mates, and start families!

Help shape the personalities of the people you adopt in Virtual Families through praising and scolding, and then pass on the house to the next generation.

From the developer of the smash-hit Virtual Villagers series comes the new casual game that captures the drama of life... Virtual Families!

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VirtualFamilies Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Virtual Families Game:

"Virtual Families is a family simulation game that runs in real time. Virtual Families plays similar to The Sims games but less complicated. The Virtual Families game is like The Sims meet the Virtual Villagers. That's because Virtual Families comes from the same team that produced the Virtual Villagers series of games. In the Virtual Families game, you adopt characters who then begin a life. The Virtual Families people you adopt are full trainable and there is a dynamic illness system. Email events and other random, uppredictable occurrences happen during the game. You choose if they want to marry, decide whether to have children, further their career and lots more. Virtual Families operates in real time and the day/night cycles to the time wherever you are playing. Adopt your virtual family today!! " - Zoomer

Virtual Families - "A good sims game. I enjoy this game quite a bit. If you like the virtual villagers you will sure like this. There are some funny and wacky things your family will do like squeeze a pimple or stomp ants. It is even kinda funny when the adults argue. You have some puzzles to solve and home repairs to do as well as raising kids and working. Some wee people love to work, some are lazy and many are in the middle." - Pinmom

Virtual Families Game Tips & Hints:

To move around the Virtual Families house and yard you can click and hold anywhere on the ground and drag the mouse. This will scroll the game map to a different location

In Virtual Families if you leave your virtual family alone for too long a time they might feel abandoned. So if you think you're not going to play Virtual Families for a few days you can freeze time in the game by pausing the game with the spacebar

Some objects in Virtual Families such as the computers can only be used by the virtual people living in the house. Other objects in the Virtual Families game such as the TV can be turned on and off by you.

In the Virtual Families game the day/night cycle for your little families coincides with your own. So, if you play the Virtual Families game at night, it will be nighttime in your game and your people will constantly be exhausted. In the options menu, you can switch the day/night feature so playing at night is daytime for your virtual family!

Virtual Families Game System Requirements

Virtual Families Windows PC Game:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 800 Mhz
RAM: 128 MB
DirectX: 7.1
Hard Drive: 66 MB

Virtual Families Mac Game:

Virtual Families Game for Mac Available >>>