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Alice Greenfingers Game - Free Alice Greenfingers Game Downloads!

Alice Greenfingers Game - Free Alice Greenfingers Game Downloads
Download Free Alice Greenfingers Game Buy Alice Greenfingers Game Now
Alice Greenfingers Full Version Game Features
  • Combines Diner and Tycoon game styles in the one fun game!
  • Design The Garden The Way YOU Like It!
  • Harvest Many Different Crops!
  • Enrich Your Land With Animals!
  • 12 Awards To Win!

Description Alice Greenfingers Game:

Alice Greenfingers. Step into the gardening business with Alice Greenfingers an intriguing simulation game, where you build and decorate your own garden of flowers, animals and vegetables.

In Alice Greenfingers you follow the market trends, get to know your customers and serve ripe crops down at the town market to expand and get your business profitable.

Harvest many different crops and enrich your land with animals as you earn more than 10 special awards.

Design your garden the way YOU like it with Alice Greenfingers!

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Alice Greenfingers Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Alice Greenfingers Game:

"Alice Greenfingers mixes a few game types together. Alice Greenfingers has the clicking action of Diner Dash games, but then there is the Tradewinds Legends style strategy and the Tycoon Games influence of building your business. The combination of these great game styles produces a unique and fun game that's equal parts strategy and action. Alice Greenfingers gives you many ways to style the game to your own tastes and harvest many different crops. Alice Greenfingers is a great game that will appeal to a wide range of gamers!" - Zoomer

Alice Greenfingers - "Alice Greenfingers, Surprisingly Great. I just grabbed the demo on a whim as it looked like something my little niece would love. I did not expect to pry myself away from it a good 45 minutres later." - solardog

Alice Greenfingers - "Alice Greenfingers A new game in a plethora of replicas. This is, without a doubt, one of those few games that are just a rare find. Games that fall into this category are Master of Defense, Tradewinds series and a few others that are a refreshing new take on this genre of lunch time games. Alice Greenfingers puts you in a new mass clicker, but in a different position: Time is much less an issue as perceptiveness is. You need to learn how to spread your tools, activities and fields in a manner which suits you best. Strategy is involved, even though it is not apparent...Overall, the game presents a refreshment on the whole genre of both lunch break games and mass click games. Without a doubt this game is a keeper, whether you're looking for some light play or pretty gardens. An overall of 5!" - Anaxim

Alice Greenfingers - "Alice Greanfinger game is so cool. I love Alice Greanfinger!!" - Sunflower

Alice Greenfingers - "Alice Greenfingers I love this game, it is a keeper. This is the game I really enjoy. It keeps you on your toes. I will be buying the full version" - janjun

Alice Greenfingers - "Alice Greenfinger is a great game. At first I though the graphics looked old fashioned but the gameplay really hooks you in. Alice Greenfingers rocks!!!" - Winston

Alice Greenfingers Game Tips & Hints:

  • Hold the mouse pointer over buttons for a few seconds to see a tooltip with information about what it does.
  • If you are carrying an object, click on Alice to put it down.
  • You don't have to wait for Alice to finish each task before telling her what to do next. For example, if you have a seed bag, you can click on several patches of soil and Alice will remember each click and sow them all, one at a time. Each click is represented by a small arrow. If you want to cancel the click queue, simply press the right mouse button or the space bar on your keyboard.
  • At the bottom right of the screen, you will find a toolbox with three icons. These buttons change the control mode. The first controls Alice. This is the normal gameplay mode. The second allows you to move items on the farm using the mouse. The third allows you to throw away items.
  • When selling your crops at the market, you should adapt your prices to the current market demand. Click on the stats button in menu at the left side of the screen, and then on the market tab. Here you can see how popular each crop is at the moment. Popular crops can be sold for higher prices!
  • If you hold the mouse pointer over some items, a colored bar will appear telling you how full the item is. For instance, in case of the watercan, the bar tells how much water is inside. For a box, the bar tells you how many crops are inside.
  • Each patch of soil has two bars; one blue bar and one red bar. The blue bar tells how much water is available, and the red bar lets you know the current health condition of the plant.
  • If a plant is growing slowly, it might be because the health is low. You can increase a plant's health by putting a piece of fertilizer on the patch!

Alice Greenfingers Game System Requirements

Windows PC Game:

OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
CPU: 600 Mhz
RAM: 128 MB
DirectX: 6.0
Hard Drive: 16 MB

Mac Game:

Alice Greenfingers Game for Mac Available >>>