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Butterfly Escape Game - Free Butterfly Escape game downloads!

Butterfly Escape Game - Free Butterfly Escape Downloads
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Butterfly Escape Game Features
  • 15 Beautiful Butterflies to Free
  • Cool animated characters
  • Lots of fun Power-ups
  • More than 100 senic levels
  • 3 Addictive Gameplay Modes
  • Unlimited Play

Description Butterfly Escape Game:

Butterfly Escape is an addictive and exhilarating 3D action-puzzle game!

Charge through 109 scenic levels as you guide Buka the Dragonfly to help him shoot and destroy approaching balls of light before they reach the Dungeon of Darkness.

There are 3 exciting game modes along with some cool animated characters and power-ups! Adventure and excitement await those who help Buka free the butterflies and return sunrise to the Kingdom of Light.

Help the butterflies to escape today!

Butterfly Escape Screenshots:

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User Reviews Butterfly Escape Game:

"Butterfly Escape is an exciting match-3 puzzle game. The gameplay in Butterfly Escape is very addictive, the graphics are superb and you even get to learn about butterflies in your very own butterfly book. There are 3 gameplay modes in Butterfly Escape, Normal, Legendary and Tournament and over 100 senic levels. The animated characters are cute, even the bugeyed Buka is cute in his own way. Butterfly Escape is an excellent game!" - Bob S

"I love Butterfly Escape. Buka the Dragonfly is very funny when he does his victory dance at the end of each level!" - MeganJane

"I think Butterfly Escape is as a good as Luxor. Probably better! When my free trial ran out I got it so that tells you how much I liked it! " - AmieBell

"Butterfly Escape is so much fun. Great game, images are fantastic and the 3D characters are cute" - Sami

"This game is so cool. I love the pistol powerup when Buka blasts the balls of light with two pistols" - K man

"Buka's calypso dance is very funny!! Butterfly Escape is a cool game" - Timbo

Butterfly Escape Game Tips & Hints:

Don't forget to keep collecting the stars. Every 25 stars you collect earns you an extra life. You'll really need those extra lifes as you advance up the Butterfly Escape game levels.

Power-ups, power-ups, everywhere in Butterfly Escape! In addition to the power-ups that you can catch while playing, you also earn power-ups that can be used at any time, once they are at full power. Just click on the one you want to use and you're ready to go! There's a multi-color ball and a scope or try the pistols for a little excitement!

System Requirements


OS: Windows 2000/XP/VISTA
CPU: 600MHz or faster Processor
RAM: 128 MB


- Sorry, not available