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Description Risk 2 Game:

In Risk 2 the classic board game of Risk comes to life!

The world is at war, and you are in command of an army fighting for global domination. Organize your forces in a ruthless campaign to crush your enemies and take their territories in this fast paced game of strategy, negotiation, and luck.

Now the classic game of Risk comes to life with more ways to play, advanced map options, superior graphics, and animated battles.

It's up to you to deploy your troops, attack your enemies, and even betray your allies, in an aggressive effort to take over the world!

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Risk2 Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Risk 2 Game:

"Risk 2 puts some new twists on the biggest classic of all strategy board games but still remains true to the original. You can play in Classic mode using the rules of the Risk board game, Same-Time mode where all players attacks are decided simultaneously or Tournament mode which is a mix of Classic and Same-Time games. Risk 11 lets old fans enjoy the Risk game they have loved for years with refreshing new touches that will give them even more enjoyment. This updated Risk will also attract a new legion of fans" - Bob S

"I was a huge fan of the board game but Risk 2 is so much better. The Classic mode is true to the original Risk in every detail. With all the new features and options this is better than the board game. Now that is a big statement from a Risk fanatic." - Andrea

"Risk 2 is amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!!!" - Cozzy

"This is a great game but I was already a Risk fan" - Trevor48

"I was amazed that Risk2 is better than the Risk board game I've been playing for years. The graphics, animated battle scenes and all the new options and territories make this the complete package." - Timbo

"Risk 11 is a great update on the board game and a must have for strategy game fans!!" - RiskGuy

Risk 11 Game Tips & Hints:

At the beginning of the game try and focus only on a few continents when selecting your countries. Focus on too many makes it easier for you to be taken out.

When playing Risk 2 in the Same-Time mode be careful with your attacking armies. In Same-Time mode Risk is split into phases. Each phase lets you set up your armies and attacks. Armies on the offensive that haven't attacked yet are considered en route to the country they intend to invade and can't defend their home country. Plus multiple neighbors can attack one country. This gives an advantage to the player who owns the most of a country.

There are 6 new territories on the map in Risk 2. These territories act as "backdoors" giving you greater access access across continents. For instance, Hawaii connects Asia and America. If you don't like the extra territories, you can turn them off individually

System Requirements


- Windows 95/98/2000/XP
- P166 MHz
- 32 MB RAM
- DirectX 7.0 or later
- 2 MB Super VGA video card


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