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World War 2 Pacific Heroes Game - Free Game Downloads!

World War 2 Pacific Heroes Game - Free WW2 Pacific Heroes Game Downloads

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Description WW2 Pacific Heroes Game:

World War 2 Pacific Heroes. Brace yourself for relentless action in the Pacific War’s most crucial battle!

Take off from massive aircraft carriers to shoot down enemy fighters and torpedo Japanese war ships... or man anti-aircraft artillery defending against enemy raids.

World War 2 Pacific Heroes is a high-end, console-like game featuring 20 pulse-pounding missions and spectacular 3D scenery!

WW2 Pacific Heroes Screenshots:

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User Reviews World War 2 Pacific Heroes Game:

"World War 2 Pacific Heroes - I am not usually a fan of shoot 'em ups and when I was first introduced to this game I thought it was going to be rubbish. I was pleasently suprised and I really did enjoy playing the game. You do not have to be an expert pilot to fly which helps because whilst playing the game you would rather be shooting some enemies rather than making sure the wings are at the correct angle. I would recommend this game to anyone even those who would not class themselves as shoot 'em up lovers because it is a great game!" - BillyMysterio

"World War 2 Pacific Hereoe, We want MORE!!! This game evokes memories of old games such as Wings of Fury, remade in 3D, but with it's gameplay kept at high level. I'll just say that this game is one of those which have this certain "it" inside. It's relaxing, with simple controls(not of those realistic games where you have to use every part of your body, and after playing for some time, you got as tired as mule and of course "highly addictive". I recommend this game to everyone who like dogfights of classic World War II planes. And in the end, one question for developers of this great game: "When can we expect the sequel"? Until next mission: Officers are on stand by!!! " - Zmajuga

"WW2 PACIFIC HEROES !!! This game is a game that has more than one vehicle and weapons to use in different missions. This game is packed with action and I can say that this is worth it?s money. If you like planes or battles to do with world wars or any other wars this is the game for you!" - Split

World War 2 Pacific Heroes Game Tips & Hints:

There are no World War 11 Pacific Heroes game tips and hints available as yet.

World War 2 Pacific Heroes Game System Requirements


- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
- P 800MHz
- 128MB RAM
- 3D Card 32MB
- DirectX: 9.0 or later


- Sorry, WW2 Pacific Heroes Game for Mac not available