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Chicken Chase Game - Free Chicken Chase Game Downloads!

Chicken Chase Game - Free Chicken Chase Game Downloads
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Chicken Chase Game Full Version Features
  • 5 kinds of chickens to raise.
  • 50 increasingly hard levels.
  • Upgrades to earn for the farm.
  • Unlimited play

Description Chicken Chase Game:

Chicken Chase. Feeling clucky? The family's chicken farm is perched on the doorstep of foreclosure.

In Chicken Chase if you can solve a series of missions, you will earn enough money to upgrade the farm little by little. Prove your chicken-hood by looking after your brood, hatching eggs, selling chickens, fending off ravens, and more.

Spend your Chicken Chase money wisely to gain some useful tools. With some hard work and a little cluck, you just might save the farm.

Chicken Chase, it's finger clickin' good!

Chicken Chase Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Chicken Chase Game:

"What came first the chicken or the egg? In Chicken Chase who cares! Chicken Chase is clucky insanity and addictive fun. You have to look after your chickens, hatch eggs, sell chickens and protect chickens from evil ravens trying to steal them. You need fast reflexes in this insane game. If you like games like Insaniquarium or an updated version of 'whack a mole' then you'll like the insane pleasure of playing Chicken Chase!" - Zoomer

"Chicken chase is so much fun. My kids keep yelling, play the chicken game, play the chicken game. Who am I to argue. I love the game too!" - Rachael

"Chicken Chase is a great game for adults and kids too. We had a blast hatching our chickens and protecting them from the ravens!" - Trudy

"Yep, I loved Insaniquarium and I love the bizare fun of chicken chase" - K man

"I love Chicken Chase. I was laughing so hard some times I couldn't aim straight! " - SallyAnne

System Requirements


- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
- P 500 MHz
- 64 MB RAM
- DirectX 5.0 or later


- Sorry, not available