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Dream Day Honeymoon Game - Free Dream Day Game Downloads!

Dream Day Honeymoon Game - Free Dream Day Honeymoon Hidden Objects Games Downloads
Download Free Dream Day Honeymoon Game Buy Dream Day Honeymoon Game Now
Dream Day Honeymoon Full Version Game Features
  • 30 beautiful levels
  • 19 Unique Backgrounds
  • Tons Of Hidden Objects
  • Fun Mini-Games
  • Choose A Story
  • Solve The Honeymoon Crisis

Description Dream Day Honeymoon Game:

Dream Day Honeymoon. Help Jenny & Robert experience a Dream Day Honeymoon by uncovering hidden treasures and objects in beautiful and romantic tropical locations!

Use your keen eye in 19 unique Dream Day Honeymoon settings like the Tiki Bar, the Beach, the Spa and more! Play Perfect Match to unlock the secret "First Class" level or try Choose A Story to give Jenny & Robert's adventure an exciting twist!

But beware of the Honeymoon Crisis that could turn this trip into a travel disaster!

Enjoy the next saga in the Dream Day series today - Dream Day Honeymoon!

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Dream Day Honeymoon Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Dream Day Honeymoon Game:

"The Dream Day hidden object games series continues with Dream Day Honeymoon, the sequel to Dream Day Wedding. For all you fans of Dream Day Wedding, it's good news!! Dream Day Honeymoon gives you more of the same with all of what you liked in Dream Day Wedding plus some new features. Dream Day Honeymoon feels fresh and is a lot of fun. Jenny and Robert's story continues in new exotic and romantic surroundings on a tropical beach paradise. Instead of wedding crises, this time you have to deal honeymoon crises like Robert's wallet falling into the water. Cue the snorkeling scene! There are mini-games and the popular Perfect Match game returns. Even if you didn't play the first Dream Day game, Dream Day Wedding, you'll find Dream Day Honeymoon to be a fun and challenging hidden object game full of humor!" - Zoomer

"I love these Dream Day hidden object games. I really enjoyed Dream Day Wedding and just had to have Dream Day Honeymoon. What's next? Dream Day Anniversary, Dream Day Home, Dream Day Baby. The list is endless.I do hope they continue this Dream Day series. I love it!!!!" - Chloe

"Dream Day Honeymoon I LOVE it! I was SO excited to see this game! I love Dream Day Wedding, and assumed the sequel would be just as great and I was right! This game is as terrific as the first one the graphics are beautiful,the music is original and it puts you in a relaxed mood,gameplay is just the same as in Dream Day Wedding - awesome! LOVE it!" - mellisvisum

"Dream Day Honeymoon the graphics are amazing, and the sound is nice. You have to find Birds of Paradise to earn extra Cupid's Clues. Each time you find 5 Birds of Paradise, you earn 1 extra Cupid's Clue. Also each time after finding all the needed items, you have to play Perfect Match. The further you come, the more difficult Perfect Match gets. I haven't played the first part of this game yet (Dream Day Wedding). But I think I'm gonna try Dream Day Wedding too! " - TopCat

Dream Day Honeymoon Game Tips & Hints:

  • Don't use the 3 hints you get at the beginning of each Dream Day Honeymoon album too quickly. There are 3 pages in each album, so save the hints until you really, really need them.
  • Try and find the birds of paradise in the rooms to get extra hints. There's usually between 2 to 4 birds of paradise in each room.
  • Like in Dream Day Wedding, some of the hidden objects in Dream Day Honeymoon can be tricky to find. Think carefully about the words used, they can be a sort of riddle. A stamp could be a postage stamp, a rubber stamp or a seal.
  • Some of the objects can be hidden behind other objects. You might only see part of the object and not the whole item. Dream Day Honeymoon does a good job of blending some hidden objects in with other objects. So look very carefully around each scene.
  • Don't start clicking on everthing you see. Click on too many things and you'll lose a minute of your time. You can take a chance when you're not sure and click on an object but just don't click on it twice.

System Requirements


- Windows 2000/XP/Vista
- P3 1.0GHz
- 128MB RAM
- DirectX: 9.0 or later


- Sorry, not available