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Dream Day Wedding Game - Free Dream Day Wedding Downloads

Dream Day Wedding Game - Free Dream Day Wedding Hidden Object Games Downloads
Download Free Dream Day Wedding Game Buy Dream Day Wedding Game Now
Dream Day Wedding Game Full Version Features
  • Multiple levels
  • 9 mini-games. Perfect Match, Choose a Story, Wedding Crises and more..
  • Visit florist, gown shop, bakery, and other shops
  • Ever-changing gameplay
  • Beautiful Graphics

Description Dream Day Wedding Game:

Dream Day Wedding a romantic seek-and-find adventure game. Plan a Dream Day Wedding for your best friend Jenny in this beautiful, fun and romantic game!

Find items at the gown boutique, bakery and other stylish shops to help make Jenny's special wedding day a dream day!

Play Perfect Match to unlock the secret honeymoon level, or try Choose A Story where you decide what happened at Jenny and Robert's first meeting, on their first date, and of course the proposal! Solve each wedding crisis along the way to pick the flowers, cake and dress for Jenny's big day.

Can you make Jenny's Dream Day Wedding happen?

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Dream Day Wedding Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Dream Day Wedding Game:

"Dream Day Wedding is a romantic hidden objects game. You have to help make Jenny's wedding a dream day wedding by finding hidden objects blended into gorgeous backgrounds and collect a bizarre selection of items. You also get to pay bonus mini games like Perfect Match and Wedding Crises where you have to find hidden objects in time. If you're planning your perfect dream wedding day and want some practice or just enjoy a really good and challenging hidden objects game, then this Dream Day Wedding game will give you hours of pleasure." - Zoomer

"Dream Day Wedding is a wonderful hidden object game. I've been playing it for hours!" - Chloe

"We are just coming up to our first wedding anniversary and Dream Day Wedding reminded me of some of the real Wedding crises that happened. This time I can laugh because it's a game. I adored Dream Day Wedding." - Gabriela

"Dream Day Wedding is a fun game. I like how you have choose from snapshots in the wedding album to choose where you have to look for the hidden objects. The matrimonial hymns in the background is a nice touch. Dreamday wedding is a nice game and very challenging!" - Audrey

"Call me a romantic but I enjoyed playing Dream Day Wedding. It's a very challenging hidden object game. If you like I-Spy style games give Dream Day Wedding a fling!" - Richard

"Dream Day Wedding is a wonderful game. I'm nearly 60 years old but I enjoyed playing it so much I played for hours before I realized the time." - Emily

"Dream day wedding is dream game for me. I'm planning my wedding and I relax and laugh about my real dream day wedding crisis as I play the dream day wedding the game. This game came along just at the right time." - Ellie

Dream Day Wedding Game Tips & Hints:

"There are a few Dream Day Wedding hints. One is to get as many birds as you can find before finding the last item, otherwise you could lose some birds that you could have found.

Secondly, as for the matching pieces, remember the items (you uncovered), go for the 2 left most columns, get as many pairs, as you can get. Then go to the next 2 columns (the rightmost column should remain hidden, till you get to it). Save the clues, for the last 3 items, it will save you some valuable time. You will get all 3 back, in the next page, anyway. Even the bonus page, where a disaster struck, still save 3 clues, for the last 3.

Once you get to the final 3 items, on any given page, use all 3 clues, to get the last 3 items, to move on to the next page. Always check the list, what items, you need to find, before starting searching (it will save you some time).

Also, watch for some good hidden items, I found a bird, without knowing, it was there (it was completely hidden behind an item)" - Eddy

System Requirements

Windows PC Game:

- Windows 2000/XP
- P3 1.0GHz
- 128MB RAM
- DirectX 9.0 or later

Mac Game:

Dream Day Wedding Game for Mac Available >>>