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Dynasty Game - Free Dynasty Game Downloads

Dynasty Game - Free Dynasty Game Downloads
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Dynasty Game Features
  • 2 Modes. Classic and Survival
  • Explore 30 different worlds in each game mode
  • Beautiful, relaxing soundtrack
  • Enjoy serene Zen moments between levels
  • Free Super Dragons for special powers

Description Dynasty Game:

Dynastey Game. Journey through the magical world of Dynasty as you match colorful dragon eggs for rewards and riches beyond your wildest dreams!

The Chinese Dragon is an ancient symbol of power, strength and ambition; of beauty, friendship and wisdom. Free the Super Dragons for special powers and they will help you all along the way! Choose from Classic or Survival Mode as you play through 30 different worlds in each mode!

Enjoy serene Zen moments between levels, before setting off on your journey, once again!

Dynasty Screenshots:

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User Reviews Dynasty Game:

"Dynasty is like a combination of Luxor and Zuma but with its own unique twist. The pace is frantic and your reflexes have to be in top shape for Dynasty. This is a great game! Hey, when you get to play a dragon you know it's going to be good! Fantastic graphics, and sounds add to the effect and with lots of levels and dragon power-ups, Dynasty is one game you have to try!" - Bob S

"I really, really loved playing Dynasty!!!! What a game! Reminds of of Zuma but better!" - Megan

"Dynasty is a fun game. Takes this style of game to a new level!" - Mike

"You won't get bored playing Dynasty. I had to be in my best gameplay mode to keep moving through the levels. Great game Ozzoom, Thanks!" - Sami

"I loved getting the Super Dragon power-ups in Dynasty. Have to agree, great game!!!" - Mary L

System Requirements


- 95/98/ME/2000/XP
- P600MHz
- 128MB RAM
- DirectX 8.1 or later
- 16MB Video Card


- Sorry, not available