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Galapago Game on Ozzoom Games at

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Galapago Game - Free Galapago Game Downloads!

Galapago Game - Download Free Galapago Game Now
Download Free Galapago Game Buy Galapago Game Now
Galapago Game Features
  • 75 levels
  • Bonus games after every round
  • 2 gameplay modes
  • Match beautiful island creatures and watch them move
  • My Collections screen lets you see your creatures up close
  • Shrunken Heads give you tips and taunts

Description Galapago Game:

Galapago. Match and collect beautiful Galapagos island creatures on this unforgettable puzzle journey.

Watch your collection turn to gold as you travel from beach to jungle to volcano! Reach the top before it erupts and win the ultimate treasure!

Choose your difficulty and your destiny by selecting your own path around the island - you'll lose yourself in Galapago's addictive gameplay and beautiful settings with 75 exceptional levels!

Let the Shrunken Heads be your guides to the magic that is Galapago!

Galapago Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Galapago Game:

"Galapago is a fun twist on 3-in-a-row puzzle games. Lots of challenging levels, good power-ups and very funny, very original guides. You have to travel through the Galapagos Islands matching creatures of all shapes and colors as you go and avoid hazards. The creatures are animated and wiggle and squiggle in different ways. Galapago is a very funny, challenging and quirky game!" - Bob S

"Galapago is so cool. The shrunken head guys are funny. Love this game!!!!" - K man

"I could not stop playing Galapago, this game is so addictive. The younger members of the family loved the funny taunts from the shrunken heads. Great game Ozzoom!!!" - Joan J

"I thought Galapago was going to be just another move and swap game but it was fantastic! Great game and great graphics. Galapago is very funny and very addictive!" - Mary L

Galapago Game Tips & Hints:

When you eliminate all of the galapago pieces from the board all the galapago creatures begin to fly, hop, swim or wriggle to the top of the screen. Use your mouse to click as many of the galapago creatures as you can for bonus points before they get away.

If you click on the funny looking shrunken heads dangling on the side of the galapgo screen somthing funny will happen.

Before you can activate power-ups you need to fill up the power-up meter by scoring well.

System Requirements


- Windows 2000/XP
- 1000 MHz (1.0 GHz) or better processor
- 128MB RAM


- Sorry, not available