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Hammer Heads Game - Free Hammer Heads Downloads!

Hammer Heads Game - Free Hammer Heads Game Downloads
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Hammer Heads Game Features
  • 3 Game modes. Classic Bash, Marathon andTough Cookie
  • 10 different gnomes. Smash Stumpy Gnomes, Wacky Gnomes, Flippy Gnomes and more
  • Bash hearts, coins, cupids, strawberries and other bonuses
  • Upgrade your gnome hammer at the Shiny Store
  • Collect power-ups galore: Lucky Clovers, Cupids and more!

Description Hammer Heads Game:

Hammer Heads. Gnome-smashing fun of amazing proportions. In Hammer Heads the gnome population is growing way too fast and it's up to you to bring them under control.

Bash them as quickly as you can while keeping an eye out for special gnomes, prizes and power-ups! Play Classic Bash, Marathon or Tough Cookie game modes as you earn trophies and upgrade your gnome-bashing hammer!

Collect coins to purchase useful upgrades at the Shiny Shop! The time has come...how many gnomes can you smash?

HammerHeads Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews HammerHeads Game:

"Think Whack a Mole and you've got the general idea for Hammer Heads. But there's lots more to Hammer Heads than that. You use your hammer to keep those wacky gnomes in the ground and along the way you pick up prizes and power-ups. You can even upgrade your hammer. The pace gets frantic in Hammer Heads and you get really addicted to smashing those gnomes but it's sort of relaxing as well. Sorry, got to go, I've got my hammer and those pesky gnomes are causing trouble again" - Bob S.

"Ahhh, smashing those little cute gnomes with a hammer, is that nice? But it was so much fun!!!!!" - Megan

"At first I thought HammerHeads was a bit loony. Smashing gnomes with a hammer. But I couldn't stop once I got started. Great fun game!" - Mike

"The pace gets crazy in Hammer Heads. I like it!!" - K man

Hammer Heads Game Tips & Hints:

There's more to this game than just busting gnomes! Everything that you see on any given level can be smashed with your hammer! Give it a try...there are mushrooms, snowmen, flowers and more just waiting to be crushed!

System equirements

Windows PC Game:

- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
- P3 500MHz
- 128 RAM
- DirectX 7.0

Mac Game:

- Sorry, Hammer Heads game for mac not available