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Ice Cream Tycoon Game - Free Ice Cream Tycoon Downloads!

Ice Cream Tycoon Game - Free Ice Cream Tycoon Game Downloads
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Ice Cream Tycoon Game Full Version Features
  • Build your own ice cream business from push-cart to factory
  • Manage stock and pricing strategy
  • Choose from a wide range of ice cream flavours
  • Take control of marketing and advertising
  • Choose different locations to improve sales
  • Watch out for fines from the police and health authorities
  • Monitor the weather forecast which influence business
  • Unlimited play

Description Ice Cream Tycoon Game:

Ice Cream Tycoon. Strawberry or Vanilla? Cone or cup? In Ice Cream Tycoon, you own and operate an ice cream business and attempt to become a millionaire mogul!

Starting out with just a pushcart and a bell, you'll select your ice cream and try to maximize your profits.

You'll need to make the right decisions about which ice cream to stock and which neighborhoods to work in, while watching for the health department and local bandits that all want a big piece of your ice cream pie!

Live the tasty life with Ice Cream Tycoon!

Ice Cream Tycoon Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Ice Cream Tycoon Game:

"Do you have what it takes to own and run your own ice cream business? Ice Cream Tycoon gives you the chance to find out. Ice Cream Tycoon is a good simulation game where you get the chance to build your business from a pushcart to a multi-million dollar ice cream factory. You have to buy in new flavors, watch the weather, pick the right area and keep customers coming back. Nice graphics and a fun game!" - Zoomer

I like playing ice cream tycoon. It was very involving choosing the ice cream flavors, where I was going to sell and how to market my ice cream business. Lots of fun!" - MrMogul

"Ice cream tycoon is a good fun strategy game. Watch out for the gangs and the health officials they can ruin your day " - Molly

"Ice cream is cold but Ice Cream Tycoon is a cool game. Ben and Jerry look out, I'm the next Ice Cream Tycoon!!! " - Roberto

System Requirements

Windows PC Game:

OS: Windows 2000/XP/VISTA
CPU: 600MHz or faster Processor
RAM: 128 MB

Mac Game:

- Sorry, not available