Juice Mania Game - Free Juice Mania Game Download

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Juice Mania Game - Free Juice Mania Game Downloads!

Juice Mania Game - Free Juice Mania Game Downloads
Download Free Juice Mania Game Buy Juice Mania Game Now
Juice Mania Full Version Game Features
  • 100 Refreshing Levels!
  • 4 Trendy Juice Bar Locations!
  • 24 Printable Smoothie Recipes!
  • An Explosion Of Fruity Fun!
  • Unlimited Play

Description Juice Mania Game:

Juice Mania. Maria is fed up with fast foods and sodas! So she opens a juice bar to introduce her city to a better class of refreshments.

From a simple stand on the street to the hippest hang out in town, the orders come quickly as you match pieces of fruit in groups of three or more to make the drinks your customers want!

Break your junk food habit today with the deliciously fun fruit-matching thrills of Juice Mania!

JuiceMania Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Juice Mania Game:

"Juice Mania is a fun and juicy match 3 game. In Juice Mania Maria opens a juice bar to make refreshing juice drinks for customers. You can set up 4 juice bar locations from a simple street juice stand to a hip juice bar hang out. The action in Juice Mania takes place over 100 refreshing levels and there are 24 printable smoothie recipes. The juice orders come quickly in Juice Mania as you match pieces of fruit in groups of three or more to make the juice drinks your customers want. As you make money you can buy useful gadgets for the juice bar. Juice Mania is a fruity match 3 game for everyone!! " - Zoomer

Juice Mania - "I liked playing Juice Mania, the game blends match-3 and time management game styles to make a fun game.!" - Mary L

Juice Mania Game Tips & Hints:

To fill your Juice orders faster in Juice Mania, when you begin a level, take note of the ingredients on the board and make a match of each ingredient in turn. For example, match kiwi, then pineapple, then orange, then kiwi again, and so on. You won't have to pay as much attention to the specific orders and can, instead, match like the wind!

Juice Mania Game System Requirements

Windows PC Game:

- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
- P 600MHz
- 256 MB RAM
- 32 MB Video Card
- DirectX: 7.0 or later

Mac Game:

- Sorry, Juice Mania game for Mac not available