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Dark Ritual Game - Free Dark Ritual Game Download!

Dark Ritual Mac Game - Free Dark Ritual Game for Mac Download
Free Mac Game Download  - Dark Ritual Game for Apple Mac OS
Download Dark Ritual Mac Game Free Buy Dark Ritual Game for Mac Now
Dark Ritual Full Version Game Features
  • Incredible graphics
  • Fantastic gameplay
  • Find your missing sister!

Description Dark Ritual Game:

Dark Ritual. Step into the shoes of a detective who has been approached by the FBI to take over a terrifying case and stop a Dark Ritual!

Explore Dr. Seymour Brown’s spooky mansion and see what the crazed scientist has been experimenting with!

Track down your missing sister and help Agent Johnson stop the insanity that has taken over Blackwood Mansion in this intriguing Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Dark Ritual Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Dark Ritual Game:

"Dark Ritual is a Hidden Object Adventure game with lots of intriguing puzzles, great graphics and good gameplay. A full review of Dark Ritual game coming soon. Download Dark Ritual game today and find your missing sister!" - Zoomer

Dark Ritual Game Tips & Hints:

  • There are 4 types of cursors in the Dark Ritual game. The first cursor lets you inspect an area. This usually gives you a closer view or enters a Hidden Object Scene. The second cursor is a gear. It tells you that you can click on something to use it, or you can use an inventory item on it. The third cursor is the movement cursor. The fourth cursor is the hand cursor. It tells you when you can take an inventory item.
  • The hidden objects in the Dark Ritual game are randomized. Hidden objects written in green require doing something in the scene to unlock them. These items are never random.

Dark Ritual Game System Requirements

Dark Ritual Mac Game:

OS: 10.4
CPU: 800 Mhz
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 180 MB

Dark Ritual Windows PC Game:

Dark Ritual Game for PC Available >>>