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Mad Caps Game - Free Mad Caps Game Downloads!

Mad Caps Game - Free Mad Caps Game Downloads
Download Mad Caps Game Free Buy Mad Caps Game Now
Mad Caps Game Features
  • Unlimited Play
  • 3 Exciting Game Modes
  • 7 Crazy Bonus Caps
  • Dizzying Array of Kooky Bottle Caps
  • Fantastic Music Soundtrack and Nutty Sound Effects

Description Mad Caps Game:

Mad Caps. Unbottle the fun with Mad Caps, a puzzle game gone MAD!

Send bottle caps flying with every move to get your fill of tasty soda. Zap caps with Rayguns, target 'em with Rockets or use the Alien to transform them.

Collect letters to spell Mystery Words along with other "under-the-cap" bonuses.

Let Mad Caps quench your thirst for fun!

MadCaps Game Screenshots:

(click to zoom)

User Reviews Mad Caps Game:

"I really like Mad Caps. You can play it for a short time or play it for hours. Mad caps is there when you need it. And youv'e got to like a game that gives you a raygun to zap caps!!!." - Bob S

"Wow, Mad Caps is such an addictive game. I just can't stop playing it. Forget everything else just play madcaps" - Jane

"Mad caps I've got you now!!! I'm going for a Mad Caps meltdown score!!!." - K Man

System Requirements

Mad Caps game for Windows PC:

- Windows 2000,Windows 98,Windows ME,Windows XP
- 300Mhz Processor or Better
- Memory: 64 MB RAM
- Disk Space: 27.65 MB
- DirectX: 7.0

Mad Caps game for Mac:

Mad Caps game for Mac is available >>>