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Mahjong Match Game - Free Mahjong Match Downloads!

Mahjong Match Game - Free Mahjong Match Game Downloads
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Mahjong Match Game Features
  • Unlimited gameplay.
  • Explore over 35 levels of mahjong fun.
  • Access game-enhancing power-ups.
  • Drop a tile in the jewel box for in-game help.
  • Great chillout soundtrack

Description Mahjong Match Game:

Mahjong Match will appeal to Mahjong and inlay-style puzzle game lovers alike!

In Mahjong Match the tiles traverse the screen on the conveyor belt below. Match them to the ones on the board above and you have a perfectly harmonious union of two of the all time classic casual games, mahjong and inlay puzzle.

What's more, some of the tiles on the belt are power-ups that will be vital to your success. As you progress, the images behind the board change in subtle ways, illustrating your path to victory!

Play Mahjong Match and experience Mahjong with a puzzle twist!

Mahjong Match Screenshots:

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User Reviews Mahjong Match Game:

"In Mahjong Match a classic Mahjong board appears surrounded by beautiful vistas. You have to grab mahjong tiles off a conveyor belt and match them on the board above. Lots of levels, power-ups and great graphics will make Mahjong Match an instant classic. Download the free trial game of Mahjong Match and try it today!" - Bob S.

"Wow, once I tried Mahjong Match I had to have it. Mahjong and inlay puzzle combined. Who would have thought!" - Mary L

"I love the music in Mahjong Match and love the game too!" - Joan J.

System Requirements


- Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
- P733 MHz
- DirectX 8.0
- 128MB RAM


- Sorry, not available