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Meteor - Free Meteor game download

Meteor Game - Free Meteor Game Downloads
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Meteor Game Full Version Features
  • 90 levels.
  • 3 cool space themes.
  • Attacking spaceships
  • Dynamic power ups
  • Multiple balls and weapons
  • Dynamic and addictive game-play

Description Meteor Game:

Meteor Game is a new challenge for all breakout-style game fans!

Destroy bricks and the evil enemy robots guarding them as you dodge their bullets and bombs! Be on your guard against the attacking spaceships, as well!

There are 90 kinetically challenging levels in Meteor to break your way through so use your myriad of power-ups and weapons to their fullest potential!

Meteor...it's a volatile action packed good time!

Meteor Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Meteor Game:

"Meteor is a dynamic remake of Breakout style games. You have to break bricks and evade bombs and bullets from attacking spaceships. With 90 levels, great power-ups, some very cool weapons and extreme addictive game play. You'll need quick reflexes and wits to stay in the game. " - Bob S

Meteor Game Tips & Hints:

Use bonuses to make it easier to break bricks, but be aware that your shields can't always save you.

System Requirements


- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
- P 700 MHz
- 128 MB RAM
- DirectX 7.0 or later


- Sorry, not available