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Mystic Inn Game - Free Mystic Inn game download

Mystic Inn Game - Download Free Mystic Inn Game Now
Download Free Mystic Inn Game Buy Mystic Inn Game Now
Mystic Inn Game Features:
  • 50 challenging levels
  • 5 complete makeovers of your Inn
  • Help Daphne break the magical curse
  • Mix your own power-ups
  • Serve orders to go, chase dragons away, learn spells, and more!

Description Mystic Inn:

Enter the Mystic Inn and conjure up some fun in this mystical escapade!

Playing as Daphne, the unfortunate hostess ensnared by the enchanted Mystic Inn, you serve all of the patrons in order to get magic to upgrade the inn. Once you have fully upgraded the establishment, the spell that locks Daphne within her confines can be broken!

Play the potion building mini-game to create power-ups and unlock juggling frogs, a charming harp, your own take-out owl and other items to enhance your adventure!

Rescue Daphne from the Mystic Inn if you can!

MysticInn Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Mystic Inn Game:

"Mystic Inn is a mystical game of enchanted fun and action. You have to rescue Daphne from the Mystic Inn, server orders to go, chase dragons away, learn spells and even unlock juggling frogs. If you like games like Cake Mania and Diner Dash then you will love Mystic Inn" - Bob S

"Mystic Inn has some really wierd, but cool things in this game. Hey, juggling frogs and your own take-out owl, just go with it! Heaps of power-ups, and lots of levels too! " - K man

"Mystic Inn really is an enchanting game. I love everything about it and I am so addicted playing this game!!! " - Joan J.

"Mystic in is a very good strategy game with lots of humor and action. " - Ranald

Mystic Inn Game Tips & Tricks:

Try and create a set pattern of movements as you help Daphne serve her customers in this amazing action game. Since your movements are sequentially numbered for you, strategically plan out your routes while your drink orders are being filled for maximum efficiency

System Requirements

Windows PC Game:

OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
CPU: 600 Mhz
RAM: 128 MB
DirectX: 6.0
Hard Drive: 44 MB

Mac Game:

Mystic Inn Game for mac Available >>>