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Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor Game - Free game downloads

Download Free Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor Game Buy Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor Game Now
Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor Game Features:
  • Over 25 hours of spellbinding game play.
  • The scariest and most challenging Nancy Drew title so far!
  • Enhanced challenges with two difficulty settings.
  • Suspects move, sleep and interact according to game time schedules.
  • Expanded game window for immersive play!
  • Forgiving "Second Chance" option erases blunders and rookie mistakes.
  • Game format makes it easy to play alone or with friends and family
  • No shipping, waiting or CD-ROM necessary

Description Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor:

Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor. All is not well in Blackmoor Manor a Fourteenth Century English mansion haunted by a tragic past.

You as Nancy Drew embark on your first international adventure to visit Linda Penvellyn your neighbor's daughter and newlywed wife of a British diplomat. A mysterious malady keeps Linda hidden behind thick bed curtains of Blackmoor Manor.

Is she hiding from something or someone or is a more menacing threat stalking her? Face your fears to find the truth! Dare to Play.

Can you solve the Nancy Drew mystery - Curse of Blackmoor Manor?

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Nancy Drew Blackmoor Manor Screenshots:

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User Reviews Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor Game:

"The top class Nancy Drew PC adventure games series continues with Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor. This time Nancy is off to the moors of England to solve a mystery at Blackmoor Manor. This is one of the spookiest and best Nancy Drew games so far. It has imaginative and clever puzzles, the enhanced graphics are great, the game-play is totally immersive and the well crafted family-friendly storyline is superb. You'll spend many enjoyable hours solving Nancy Drew's Curse of Blackmoor Manor mystery" - Zoomer

"I've read all the Nancy Drew books and I love playing the Nancy Drew PC adventure games. Curse of Blackmoor Manor is one of the best ones yet. I love how you can use Nancy's phone to dial up hints and web searches" - Melissa

"I've never read any Nancy Drew books and my wife couldn't believe it when she saw me playing this Nancy Drew PC game. My wife had read the Nancy Drew books in her teens. Now we're playing Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor together and loving it. Great game!" - IntrepidSleuth

"This game is so cool and so spoooky! Curse of Blackmoor manor is my favorite Nancy Drew game so far." - Jade

"My mom says this is the first time my sister and I have played anything together without having an argument. Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor is a cool game. We've spent hours playing it." - Alexander

"Nancy Drew Danger by Design is great but I'm really liking Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor. The storyline and gameplay are fantastic. Nancy Drew is still the best when it comes ot mystery detective stories" - Muriel

System Requirements

Windows PC Game:

- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
- PII 500 MHz
- 64 MB RAM
- DirectX 9.0b
- 16MB DirectX 9.0b Video Card
- DirectX-compliant Sound Card
- Hard drive space: 750 MB

Mac Game:

- Sorry, Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor game for Mac not available