Peggle Nights Game - Free Peggle Nights Game Download

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Peggle Nights Game - Free Peggle Nights Game Downloads!

Peggle Nights Game - Free Peggle Nights Game Downloads
Download Free Peggle Nights Game Buy Peggle Nights Game Now
Peggle Nights Full Version Game Features
  • Meet A New Peggle Master!
  • Test Your Skills In 60 Challenges!
  • Unlockable Duel Mode!
  • Stock Your Trophy Room!

Description Peggle Nights Game:

Peggle Nights. The sun has set at the Peggle Institute, but the bouncy delight has just begun!

Join the Peggle Masters on a dreamtime adventure of alter egos and peg-popping action in Peggle Nights. Stay up late to aim, shoot and clear orange pegs from 60 Peggle levels, and bask in Extreme Fever glory under the silver moon.

Then, put your Peggle skills to the ultimate test in 60 Peggle Nights Challenges. If you can master all that fevered action, play to your heart's content with Duel mode and Quick Play!

Catch the fever in Peggle Nights!

Peggle Games:
Peggle Deluxe
Peggle Nights
Peggle Double Pack

Peggle 2 Peggle Nights Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Peggle Nights Game:

"Peggle 2, or to use its game name Peggle Nights, is the sequel game to the hit game Peggle Deluxe. Think of the Peggle games as modern Pachinko inspired casual games. But there's nothing casual about Peggle Nights. You have to fire a silver ball to the top of your screen trying to hit all the orange pegs mixed in with the blue pegs. The strategy in Peggle Nights is how and when you fire the ball to hit more orange pegs. Peggle Nights continues the cute Peggle Masters theme from the first Peggle game such as alien and unicorn. Peggle Nights is a fast action game with 60 Peggle levels to challenge and delight you!! " - Zoomer

Peggle Nights - "Peggle Nights rocks!!! Great game with great graphics, good sound effects and smooth game play!" - Kenster

Peggle Nights - "I loved the first Peggle Deluxe game and Peggle Nights has more of what I like. Fun game!!!" - Bianca H

Peggle Nights Game Tips & Hints:

There are no Peggle Nights game tips and hints available as yet.

Peggle Nights Game System Requirements

Windows PC Game:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 800 Mhz
RAM: 256 MB
DirectX: 8.0
Hard Drive: 32 MB

Mac Game:

Peggle Nights Game for Mac Available >>>