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Pizza Frenzy Game - Free Pizza Frenzy Game Downloads!

Pizza Frenzy Game - Free Pizza Frenzy Game Downloads
Pizza Frenzy Game - Free Pizza Frenzy Game Downloads
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Pizza Frenzy Game Features
  • Dozens of levels and travel across 12 exotic places give you hours and hours of pizza delivery joy!
  • Tired of the same old pizza? Use the Pizza Editor to create your very own pie's!
  • Collect up to 26 unique pizza toppings

Description Pizza Frenzy Game:

Pizza Frenzy is a wacky action/puzzler that puts you in charge of your own pizza delivery empire! Reflexes and quick-thinking are required to handle all the orders.This fast-paced game will keep your mouse clicking with rewarding action and pattern matching.

Take advantage of your bird's eye view of the city to keep a sharp eye out for hungry customers. Match incoming orders with your Pizza kitchens to deliver your pizzas fresh and on time.

Work fast to avoid missing orders! If you miss too many, your customer satisfaction will plummet - if it gets too low, it's Game Over!

Pizza Frenzy Screenshots:

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User Reviews Pizza Frenzy Game:

"Pizza Frenzy is one of my favorite games. It's got great graphics, music and crazy characters. In Pizza Frenzy you are a pizza delivery boy, you have to deliver pizza and collect tips. Pizza Frenzy gets very addictive and has great replay value!" - JoePizza

"What a blast! Pizza Frenzy is a great mix of puzzle and quick reflex action. I couldn't ask for a better game." -Jolyla J.

"Frenzy is right. Pizza Frenzy has me freakin hooked!" -DanS

"I have all my toppings maxed out. My favorite custom pizza is the Trixie Delight: bacon, bacon and more bacon!" -Trixie~~~027

System Requirements


- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
- 128MB RAM
- P3 500Mhz CPU
- 16-bit Graphics &
- Sound
- DirectX 7.0


- Sorry, not available