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Platypus 2 Game - Free Platypus 2 Game Downloads!

Platypus 2 Game - Free Platypus 2 Game Downloads
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Platypus 2 Game Full Version Features
  • Cooperative Multi-Player
  • 2 Difficulty Levels
  • Incredible Full-Screen Graphics
  • Unique and Addictive Fun

Description Platypus 2 Game:

Platypus 11. The peaceful people of Mungola are once again under the dark cloud of the Collosatropolians in Platypus 2, the sequel to the unique arcade hit Platypus!

Fly one of four models of the famed Platypus fighter through a fantastic landscape of molded clay. Collect power-ups and bonus stars to give your Platypus the boost you need.

Even team up with friends and family for a cooperative crusade against these persistent foes. Every level of this gorgeous arcade challenge bursts with original fun.

Platypus 2 is perfect for gamers of all ages!

Platypus 2 Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Platypus 2 Game:

"Platypus 2 is the sequel to the hit side-scrolling space shooter game Platypus. It's hard to believe that the original Platypus was released nearly 10 years ago and is still being played today. Tells you something about how good the game is! Platypus 2 has the same graphic look as the original Platypus. Like something that escaped from a claymation film! So all you trigger-happy fans of the original Platypus game or if you're just hungry for mile a minute shooter action, Platypus 2 is finally here!!" - Zoomer

"I loved the first Platypus game and Platypus 2 is even better. Great shooter game!" - Harvey

"Platypus 2 is a crazy side-scrolling shooter game. Loved it!" - Manny

"Platypus 2 is like a retro throw back to those old classic shooter games. But that's a good thing. You can't beat the classic games and Platypus 2 has been updated to still look fresh" - CitizenJoe-25

"Platypus was one of the most popular arcade shooters ever and Platypus 2 is awesome" - James T

System Requirements

Windows PC Game:

- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
- P 500 MHz
- 64 MB RAM
- DirectX 7.0 or later

Mac Game:

- Sorry, not available