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Prison Tycoon 2: Maximum Security Game - Free game download

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Prison Tycoon 2 Game Full Version Features:
  • 3 Real prison locations
  • Start with low security prison and built to maximum security
  • Expand your staff from the guards to the cooks
  • Add prison services from hospitals to industries
  • No shipping, waiting or CD-ROM necessary
  • Unlimited play

Description Prison Tycoon 2:

A life of crime is tough on both sides of the bars. The sentence has been passed, now you must bring order in a world of chaos.

Start with a small, low security prison and build it into a maximum-security super-max. You build the walls. you place the fences and you design the facilities. There’s no escaping under your watchful eye because you’re in charge of every detail.

YOUR WALLS. YOUR RULES, in Prison Tycoon 2. The security of our society is in your hands. Are you ready?

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Prison Tycoon 2 Screenshots:

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User Reviews Prison Tycoon 2 Maximum Security Game:

"Prison Tycoon 2 is a very indepth game. You get to control everything. You can build new prison buildings, deal with prison riots and just about everything you'd think that you had to handle running a prison. Very interesting game! " - Brooksy

Prison Tycoon 2 Game Tips & Hints:

BIG NAMES, BIG PROBLEMS. Celebrity crooks are fun to read about in the tabloids, but not when they’re in your prison. Make sure you manage rabid fans and the expense of keeping your stars isolated from the other inmates.

DIVERSION OR DISORDER Give your inmates a place to blow off some steam or pay the consequences. Add rec areas, gyms, libraries, hospitals and industries to keep your prisoners from becoming depressed and violent.

System Requirements


- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
- PIII 1.0 GHz
- 256 MB RAM
- DirectX 9.0
- 3D Accelerator 64MB DirectX 9.0
- Hard drive space: 500 MB


- Sorry, not available