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Puppy Luv Game - Free Puppy Luv game download

Puppy Luv Game - Free Puppy Luv Game Downloads
Download Puppy Luv Game  Free Buy Puppy Luv Game Now
Puppy Luv Game Features
  • Select from 5 dogs.
  • Train your dog to do 10+ tricks.
  • Upgrade you back yard.

Description Puppy Luv Game:

Your Puppy Luv dog is the perfect pet. Enjoy hours of fun playing with your new best friend!

Choose from a delightful Dalmatian, a boisterous Beagle, a loveable Labrador or a mischievous Mutt! You can name your puppy and choose the sex! Play with your puppy in the backyard, at the park or in 4 other locations.

Teach your puppy more than 10 tricks and enter him in competitions, as well! There are many unlockable items that you can buy for your pet to keep him happy, healthy and full of love!

You'll fall in love with your Puppy Luv dog every time you turn on your computer.

Puppy Luv Screenshots:

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User Reviews Puppy Luv Game:

"The whole family loved playing with our Puppy Luv dog, especially the little ones. There was much discussion on what breed we would have and then what tricks we would teach it. We love our little Puppy Luv dog. He's so cute!" - Joan J

"Puppy Luv makes me love my real dog even more. This is a cute game. I really enjoyed it" - Sami S

"Ahhh, I so want to have a dog but I can't have one in our apartment. Thank you Ozzoom for letting me have a cute dog to care for and play with. Now I can't wait to get home and see what my Puppy Luv dog has been up to!" - Megan

"Our little puppy is so adorable!! I just love this game" - Mary L

"Puppy luv is great for teaching kids about the basics of looking after their dog. Ok, I've got to admit I loved it too. " - Chez

"I love playing Puppy luv and now I'm playing the new Pony Luv. Those ponies are so adorable! " - Sally G

Puppy Luv Game Tips & Hints:

Keep your eye on the icons at the bottom of the screen They let you know when it's time look after your Puppy Luv dog with basic necessities like water, hairbrush, sleep and washing your dog. Looking after these tasks unlocks extra items for your dog like bonus food bowls, different dog collars or new toys to play with.

System Requirements

Windows PC Game:

OS: Windows 2000/XP/VISTA
CPU: 600MHz or faster Processor
RAM: 128 MB

Mac Game:

- Sorry, Puppy Luv game for Mac not available