Ricochet Infinity Game on Ozzoom Games at PlanetOzkids.com

Ricochet Infinity Game on Ozzoom Games at PlanetOzkids.com

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Ricochet Infinity Game - Free Ricochet Infinity Game Downloads!

Ricochet Infinity Game - Free Ricochet Infinity breakout Games Downloads
Download Free Ricochet Infinity Game Buy Ricochet Infinity Game Now
Ricochet Infinity Full Version Game Features
  • Over 200 Levels Of Sheer Excitement!
  • 10 Unique Environments To Explore!
  • 14 Planets To Test Your Reflexes Against!
  • Unlock New Ships, Balls and Ranks!
  • Awesome Multiplayer Mouse-Party Modes!
  • Download Thousands Of Levels Online!
  • Re-energized Ring Game And Trophies To Earn!
  • Innovative Recall Feature Makes YOU The Master!
  • Bust Your Way Across The Galaxy!
  • Travel To The Stars…And Beyond!
  • Unlimited Play

Description Ricochet Infinity Game:

Ricochet Infinity. Ricochet around the Galaxy in Ricochet Infinity, this dynamically brilliant breakout action game!

Trek across 216 awesome levels, with thousands more online, earning new ranks in the Galactic Tournament, by yourself or with a friend.

Play the Ricochet Infinity re-energized Ring Game, winning new balls and ships with unique specialties to give you the edge! Control your ball with the wildly innovative

Recall feature...once you’ve tried it, you can’t go back! Travel to the stars and beyond in your glorious quest to become the Ringmaster Grand Champion of Ricochet Infinity!

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Ricochet Infinity Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Ricochet Infinity Game:

"Ricochet Infinity is the latest game in the awesome Ricochet breakout brick busting game series. Ricochet Infinity brings new frantic excitement to "brick breaking" games with its amazing 3D graphics, over 200 levels of breakout excitement, awesome power-ups and thousands of extra levels to download online. Did I mention the 10 unique Ricochet Infinity environments, the 14 Ricochet Infinity planets and the awesome multiplayer mouse-party modes? If you think you've seen great brick busting games before, you haven't seen anything until you've experienced the awesome wild frenzied excitement of Ricochet Infinity!!!!!" - Zoomer

"The Ricochet break out games are possibly the most popular and most played brick busting games ever produced. All the Ricochet games have exciting gameplay, very imaginative designs and an incredible supply of levels that provide you with endless playability. Ricochet Infinity has everything that's made the Ricochet games before it so wildly popular but Ricochet Infinity has some exciting differences. Possibly the biggest difference is the new "Ricochet Recall" feature that lets you change the direction of the ball any time you want by pressing the right mouse button. You'll never be stuck trying to get that last brick again! There are too many amazing things about Ricochet Infinity to describe. Just download Ricochet Infinity today and see for yourself what all the excitement is all about" - Jacinta

"Ricochet Infinity is so cool. The power-ups are awesome!!! I've got all the Ricochet games and Ricochet Infinity is the best yet. Well worth waiting for!!!" - K man

"ricochet infinity is the best breakout brick buster game there is!!! If you like ricochet games or you're a breakout fan then you'll love ricochet infinity it's an absolute masterpiece!" - Jude36

Ricochet Infinity Game Tips & Hints:

  • Don't be afraid of "bad" Ricochet Infinity power-ups if they can't hurt you. Some bad power-ups, such as small sphere, have no effect on game play. For example, if you already have a small sphere, you may as well pick up any additional small sphere power up that falls for the points.
  • Near the end of a Ricochet Infinity round, especially during the end of round point tally mode, pick up even the bad power-ups since their ill effects won't be carried over to the next round.
  • All Ricochet Infinity power-ups, good and bad, are worth points. Get them all for maximum points.
  • Try to end the Ricochet Infinity round with as many spheres in the play field as possible. Each sphere is worth at least 500 points.
  • Specialty spheres (even small ones) are worth 1,000 points each at the end of the round. This includes Acid Spheres, Laser Spheres and EMP Spheres.
  • Sphere splitting power-ups have no effect on the sphere during the end of round point tally mode. Therefore, try to pick-up these power-ups before destroying the last brick so that your sphere has a chance to split and give you 500 or 1,000 points for each sphere.
  • Break every brick on the Ricochet Infinity board. Obstacle bricks do not need to be destroyed to complete a round, but you will get more points if you do destroy them. They can be destroyed with Acid Spheres, EMP Spheres, and neighboring exploding bricks. With enough persistence even a normal sphere, or any gun will destroy them.
  • Use you sphere (NOT your ship!) to destroy falling bombs. Most are worth 1,000 points! A sphere stuck to your paddle makes a great bomb killer. Note however that some rounds that are bomb intensive use a bomb that is worth less points.
  • Try to delay picking up the sphere splitting power-ups until your sphere is high up on the screen. Splitting the sphere when it is down low makes it hard to keep all the spheres in the air.
  • The "normal sphere" power-up will restore a small sphere to its normal size – and this is good!
  • Keep in mind that the "normal sphere" power-up will also extinguish an Acid Sphere and return a Laser Sphere and EMP sphere to normal. (Usually bad)

System Requirements

Windows Ricochet Infinity PC Game:

OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
CPU: 800 Mhz
RAM: 256 MB
DirectX: 7.0
Hard Drive: 89 MB

Mac Ricochet Infinity Game:

Ricochet Infinity Game for Mac Available >>>