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Ride! Carnival Tycoon Game - Free Ride! Carnival Tycoon Downloads!

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Ride! Carnival Tycoon Game Features:
  • Grow your business from local fair to State Fair
  • 25 Different rides to use
  • 10 Games of chance and attractions to use
  • Choose, set-up and design food and drink stations
  • Plan and construct additional carnivals
  • Unlock hidden locations
  • No shipping, waiting or CD-ROM necessary
  • Unlimited play

Description Ride! Carnival Tycoon Game:

Ride! Carnival Tycoon. Are you ready to build the Greatest Midway on Earth? Summer nights, flashing lights, stomach churning rides, girls and guys all combine to make the perfect carnival. Attract them, thrill them, feed them, frighten them, and leave them yearning for more with Ride! Carnival Tycoon.

You can: Run your own traveling carnival. From ride construction to advertising to entertaining the masses, you run the show. Choose from 25 different rides, 21 different locations, 12 food and drink stands, 10 games, 4 attractions and more! Take on the challenge of Career Mode.

Turn your earnings into better rides and bigger crowds, unlocking hidden locations as you become a Midway Tycoon. Beat the bank and the clock in Mission Mode. Can you satisfy the throngs before time runs out? It’s more than fun and games. Spend your money wisely purchasing equipment, bathrooms and ticket booths as needed to minimize lines and angry patrons.

Are you the next Ride Carnival Tycoon!

Ride! Carnival Tycoon Screenshots:

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User Reviews Ride! Carnival Tycoon Game:

"Ride! Carnival Tycoon is a fantastic tycoon game that lets you go from parking lots to big shot carnival tycoon. You run your own carnival, from construction, set up, advertising and more. Start off building local fun fairs outside malls and you grow your business on your way to running the state fair. You have 25 different rides at your disposal to thrill the crowds, 10 games of chance and other attractions to excite your patrons and 12 food and drink station options to maximize the profits. Come one, come all, to ride with the Carnival Tycoon!!! " - Zoomer

"Ride Carnival Tycoon is awesome!! You can choose attractions from monster truck shows to ring toss and balloon pops to even human cannonballs!" - Jeffrey N

Ride! Carnival Tycoon Game Tips & Hints:

There are no Ride! Carnival Tycoon game tips and hints available as yet.

System Requirements


- Windows 2003/ME/XP
- P4 1.2 GHz
- 256 MB RAM
- DirectX 9.0c
- AGP 32MB DirectX 9.0c
- DirectX-compliant Sound Card
- Hard drive space: 300 MB


- Sorry, not available