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Shopmania Game- Free Shopmania Downloads!

Shopmania Game - Free Shopmania Game Downloads
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Shopmania Game Features
  • Speedy strategy and peppy puzzle inlay gameplay
  • Push more product with retail power-ups
  • Cater to bratty tots, impatient seniors, and more
  • Get promoted through fashion, toys, housewares, and more

Description Shopmania Game:

In SHOPMANIA, the customers keep on coming!

Welcome to your first day of work at the world's largest department megastore -- $pendmoore! As every $pendmoore shopper comes into the store, it is your job to stuff their carts as full as possible before sending them out the door.

Shopmania combines puzzle action with a heaping dose of frantic strategy. Manage the flow of customers as you fill up cart after cart, upgrading your department floor with retail goodies that make your job easier.

Can you keep up with the shoppers and make enough cash to finish the shift? Will your browbeating boss Mr. Willy give you a break? Will you ever save enough money to cure your sick hamster? Play SHOPMANIA and find out!

Were you BORN to shop? Play SHOPMANIA and find out!

Shopmania Screenshots:

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User Reviews Shopmania Game:

"'Shopmania is one of the best games to be released this year. Shopmania combines a mega-market superstore, pushy customers, addictive gameplay, plenty of humor and a bowtie wearing gerbil named Gerry. You've got to love this game for its humor alone! Download the free trial shopmaina game today and see if you can earn enough money to cure your sick hamster" - Bob S

"Shopmania is so me! I was born to shop!! Shop maina was so much fun I have been playing it for hours and hours! " - Megan

"This is a really fun game but it has a serious message in there too. I liked the cartoon style graphics in Shopmania too. Simple but effective and fit the game. " - Joan J.

Shop Mania is one of the best games I have tried from your site!! - Mary L.

Shopmania Game Tips & Hints:

Having trouble finishing your shift in Shopmania? Full carts and color combinations will only get you so far. You need to upgrade your carts as soon as possible to make the maximum amount of money from each customer. Upgrade each one once before upgrading a second time to keep them all about the same size. Otherwise, you will get products that you can't place! Hurry up...your next shift is about to start!

System Requirements

Windows PC Game:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 600 Mhz
RAM: 128 MB
DirectX: 6.0
Hard Drive: 24 MB

Mac Game:

- Sorry, not available