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Snowy Lunch Rush Game - Free Snowy Lunch Rush Downloads!

Snowy Lunch Rush Game - Download Free Game Now
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Snowy Lunch Rush Game Features
  • Fast paced point-and-click gameplay
  • Help Snowy win a 60-day contest
  • Upgrade to bigger and better restaurants
  • Serve VIP and drive-thru customers
  • Select awesome upgrades in Endless Mode
  • Hear Snowy sing to impatient customers
  • Hand-drawn comics between levels

Description Snowy Lunch Rush Game:

Join Snowy the Bear as he sets out to run the best restaurant in town during the lunch rush!

Send Snowy scampering all over his restaurant to seat customers, take orders, serve food, collect money and clear tables.

It's not easy satisfying a room full of hungry patrons during lunch rush as you wait on drive-thru customers and take reservations over the phone, but with Snowy's musical talent and help from the dessert tray, you might survive the shift.

Earn enough cash to keep Snowy's restaurant open and you might just win the contest and survive the lunch rush!

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Snowy Lunch Rush Screenshots:

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User Reviews Snowy Lunch Rush Game:

"Snowy Lunch Rush game is AWESOME!!! Snowy lunch rush is like Diner Dash but with animals and great cartoon graphics. Snowy lunch rush is a brilliant game to play" - K man

"Snowy Lunch Rush is filled with so much fun! I just love this game" - Megan

"Yep, Snowy Lunch Rush is like Diner Dash but I think it's a much better game. Try the free download trial of Snowy Lunch Rush and see what you think!" - Sami S

"I love this game! Snow Lunch Rush is fantastic. Go Snowy!!!! " - Joan J

Snowy Lunch Rush Game Tips & Hints:

As Snowy's Diner gets busier and busier, you want to make sure you are using color combos and action combos to their full advantage. It's better to lose a customer than to break a color or action chain. So, don't waste time singing to the waiting customers, fast service and combos are the key!

System Requirements


- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
- P500 MHz
- 128MB RAM


- Sorry, not available