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Super Glinx Game - Free Super Glinx Game Downloads!

Super Glinx Game - Free Super Glinx Game Downloads
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Super Glinx Game Features
  • Six Game Modes
  • Play Offline and Full Screen
  • Unlimited Play

Description Super Glinx Game:

Super Glinx. In Super Glinx this unique and addictive puzzler, the name of the game is to link like shapes together to remove them from the board.

You'll need strategy, cunning and well, a few powerups won't hurt either!

Be sure to create some large chains for big bonus points, and use the powerups wisely. Hours of fun!

Super Glinx Screenshots:

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User Reviews Super Glinx Game:

"Glinx is really cool to play. I got my nephew involved and we bet to see who has the highest score. So far he does, the little monkey." -Audrey

"I've emailed all my friends to tell them about Glinx and now they are hooked, too. Even my seven year old niece loves to play." -Darlene

"The first time I played, I couldn't stop! One game after another after another." -Glowing Girl

"Excellent puzzle game. I love it!" -Jon

"I played the first level and I had to play until Level 10! I couldn't stop! Glinx is challenging and fun at the same time! These types of puzzle games are the best and Glinx is one of them!" -Hooper

"I love Glinx. I'm hooked! Glinx rules!" -Kirsty Glinx

"Glinx is the first thing that comes close to being as fun as my husband. I love this puzzle game." -Baby Girl

System Requirements

Windows PC Game:

- 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
- P 266 MHz
- 32MB RAM
- 16-bit Graphics and Sound

Mac Game:

- Sorry, not available