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Teddy Factory Game - Free Teddy Factory Game Downloads!

Teddy Factory Game - Free Teddy Factory Game Downloads
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Teddy Factory Game Features
  • 45 Twisting levels
  • 3 Difficulty Levels
  • Survival Mode
  • Quest mode
  • Collect Unique Prizes.

Description Teddy Factory Game:

Teddy Factory. Try your skills at bear building in Teddy Factory!

In this cut throat toy industry, it's a wild mix of matching and precision aiming, with the drive of constant orders and demanding customers!

Create and assemble various stuffed animals through 45 twisting levels. Collect unique toys along the way to proudly display in your trophy room.

Can you rise to the top of the local Teddy Factory and get that big promotion? Can you move on to bigger and better toys and factories?

Try Teddy Factory Game today to find out!

Teddy Factory Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Teddy Factory Game:

"Don't think Teddy Factory is just a cute game. It is one of the most challenging and addictive games to come along for a while. As you move through the Teddy Factory it becomes really tough to move up to the next level. But hey it's fun making those cute toys for the orphans. Download the free Teddy Factory game demo today!" - Bob S.

"Teddy Factory is a fantastic game. Very addictive and the music fit the game " - Sami S

"Hey, if you think Teddy Factory is a cute kids game, boy are you ever wrong. Really addictive and gets really tough as you move through it " - K man.

"Ahhh, I just love making those teddy bears. This is a fun game " - Megan

"Teddy Factory is a game for the whole family. But the little ones in the family needed some help as the game progressed " - Joan J.

Teddy Factory Game Tips & Hints:

Building teddy bears can be most difficult! Try to establish a pattern as you assemble each bear to maximize points and make it through the level. Make the kids happy when you can, but it's not necessary to get through the level.

System Requirements

Windows PC Game:

OS: Windows 2000/XP/VISTA
CPU: 600MHz or faster Processor
RAM: 128 MB

Mac Game:

Teddy Factory Game for Mac Available >>>