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Tri-Peaks Solitaire To Go Game- Free Tri-Peaks Solitaire Downloads!

Tripeaks Solitaire To Go Game - Free Tripeaks Solitaire To Go Game Downloads
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Tri-Peakes Solitaire To Go Game Features
  • Unlock Power-Ups
  • Discover Strange Artifacts
  • Multiple Gaming Environments
  • Stunning Graphics and Sounds

Description Tri-Peaks Solitaire To Go Game:

Tri-Peaks Solitaire To Go. Tri-Peaks solitaire gets a new twist in this thrilling challenge.

Join Tex Carter on his adventures around the globe as he dodges dangers, collects museum artifacts, tours stunning locales and plays some super tri-peaks styled solitaire!

Unlock treasure chests to reveal power cards, museum artifacts, bonus coins and other surprises. Play your way from the Aztec ruins to the Egyptian desert, to the fantastic world of Atlantis and more!

It's Tri-Peaks Solitaire like you have never seen before!

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Tri-Peaks Solitaire Screenshots:

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User Reviews Tri-Peaks Solitaire To Go Game:

"Tri-Peaks Solitaire is a challenging solitaire game. Adventure, danger and lost tombs in a solitaire game with stunning graphics. Download the free Tripeaks trial gameand try it! I know you'll like as much as I do! " - Mary L.

"A solitaire game with statues that puke at the end of each level. Very different for a solitaire game. Yep, I like Tripeaks solitaire. Fun game!" - Mike

"Tri-Peaks solitaire is so much fun to play. The whole family will enjoy this one!" - Joan J

System Requirements


- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
- 128MB RAM
- P350MHz or faster processor
- DirectX 7.0 or better


- Sorry, not available