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Tropix Game - Free Tropix game download

Tropix Game - Free Tropix Game Downloads
Tropix Puzzle Game  - Free Tropix Puzzle Game Downloads
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Tropix Game Features
  • Wide Variety of Games - From Solitaire to Bowling and More!
  • Detailed Instructions for Each Game
  • Buy Items in the Tropix Trading Post
  • Soothing Island Backgrounds and Sounds

Description Tropix Game:

Tropix is an escape to your own private getaway of gaming fun!

Play games to win Sand Dollars! Shop for fun things to put on your island! And travel to exotic islands where you can chart new games!

Whether you're a fan of puzzles, adventures, card games, word games or even Sudoku, there's an island of fun for everyone in Tropix.

Between games, the entire family will love watching your pet monkey frolic on the beach with everything you've purchased from the Tropix Trading Post.

The ultimate gaming vacation, get lost in the fun of Tropix today!

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Tropix Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Tropix Game:

"Tropix is the perfect game. Tropix combines all my favorite games! If you are a fan of puzzles, card games, word games or Sudoku then Tropix has got the lot! Download the free trial game of Tropix and get lost in the gaming tropics of Tropix." - Bob S.

"I just love Tropix. Awesome variety of games, beautiful graphics and the monkey is cute too! " - Mary L.

"I love that monkey, he is so cute. I just kept buying him all sorts of things to eat and play with. Tropix is a cute game with cute monkey. Thanks, Tropix is a great game!" - Megan

"What a fun game! I love playing Tropix for hours and hours!" - Debbie2

Tropix Game Tips & Hints:

There are 11 fantastic casual games packed into this island adventure! You start with 6 and then unlock a new one each time you furnish enough food, fun and comfort for the 5 additional islands you can purchase along the way. The shell game is my personal favorite. Try Tropix today and unlock yours...

System Requirements

Windows PC Game:

- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
- P3 500MHz processor
- 128 MB RAM
- DirectX 7.0

Mac Game:

- Sorry, Tropix game for Mac not available