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Turbo Pizza Game - Free Turbo Pizza Game Downloads!

Turbo Pizza Game - Free Turbo Pizza Game Downloads
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Turbo Pizza Full Version Game Features
  • Explore 50 Challenging Levels
  • Set up shop in 2 outrageous locations
  • Compete In Pizza Making Contests
  • Earn Money For Upgrades
  • Add Menu Items
  • Unlimited Play

Description Turbo Pizza Game:

Turbo Pizza. Rebecca & Robert are avid restaurateurs ready to start their next adventure.

With a secret family recipe, they can turn any dive into a pizza paradise. Help them build a successful Turbo Pizza franchise with a welcoming atmosphere, good food, and most importantly, Turbo service!

This colorful and outrageous story brings excitement to fast food by working to build a successful career with a solid reputation.

It's more than quick service: It's restaurant management in a fun filled environment! It's Turbo Pizza!

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Turbo Pizza Screenshots:

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User Reviews Turbo Pizza Game:

"I've not finished this game yet. I've played only a few levels and decided to share my opinion.
First of all, the creater of this game created Snowy: Lunch Rush and The Apprentice: Los Angeles. So, the names of that games can say a lot! The main goal is to serve the clients and to earn money. So, even after a few levels I've already liked this game. If you are the fan of Snowy and The Apprentice, I'm sure, you'll like it too. Have a great fun!" - Chita

"Turbo Pizza is an fun game! It's a Diner Dash style game with a few twists from other diner and time management games thrown in. If you like the Diner Dash games and time management games you'll love Turbo Pizza. " - Joan J

"Turbo Pizza is like a Diner Dash game turned up to turbo level. Great game " - K man

"Fun Game! Well, I have to say that this game is a success. Turbo Pizza is like a cross between Diner Dash and Cake Mania. You start off with a restaurant that needs a lot of work, and as you build up your money you can choose between decoration upgrades and machine upgrades. It really makes you work hard to get enough money to perfect your restaurant, while keeping you on your toes and busy. Turbo Pizza really kept me interested and I found myself losing track of time and was disappointed when I reached level 50 and the game ended. If you liked Diner Dash and/or Cake Mania, I would recommend that you try this game. I can't wait until the next one!" - misskaye

"If you liked Turbo Pizza try the sequel game Turbo Subs. Great game! " - K man

Turbo Pizza Game Tips & Hints:

There are no Turbo Pizza game tips and hints available as yet.

System Requirements

Windows PC Game:

- Windows XP/Vista
- P 800MHz
- 256 MB RAM
- 32 MB Video Card
- DirectX: 8.0 or later

Mac Game:

- Sorry, Turbo Pizza game for Mac not available