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Turtle Odyssey 2 Game- Free Turtle Odyssey 2 Downloads!

Turtle Odyssey 2 Game - Free Turtle Odyssey 2 Downloads
Turtle Odyssey 2 Game - Free Turtle Odyssey 2 Downloads
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Turtle Odyssey 2 Game Features
  • 50 Thrilling Levels
  • Six Unique Worlds
  • 17 Enemies
  • Bonus Levels
  • Gorgeous Full-Screen Graphics
  • Unlimited Play

Description Turtle Odyssey 2 Game:

Turtle Odyssey 2. Brave little Ozzy is back for all-new fun in this sequel to the hit adventure game Turtle Odyssey.

During an innocent game of catch with a flippered friend, Ozzy accidentally frees a mysterious creature from his icy prison. Intrigued by this furry stranger, Ozzy follows his footsteps, unknowingly beginning the journey of a lifetime.

Turtle Odyssey 2 Features 50 levels across six unique worlds. Turtle Odyssey 2 is a delightful diversion full of excitement, magic, and wonder.

The adventure continues with Ozzy the turtle in Turtle Odyssey 2!

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Turtle Odyssey2 Screenshots:

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User Reviews Turtle Odyssey 2 Game:

"That cute little turtle Ozzy is back in Turtle Odyssey 2 the sequel to the hit game Turtle Odyssey. Ozzy accidentally frees a mysterious creature and so the adventure begins. Turtle Odyssey 2 is a fun platormer game with cute graphics, lots of levels, hidden bonus levels and plenty of enemies. Turtle Odyssey 2 reminds me of a Super Mario Bros game with its running jumping arcade platform style. And that's a good thing! All those Super Mario Bros fans have proved this style of game is fun to play and very, very addictive. Turtle Odyssey 2 is a fun and colorful game that will give you hours of amusing action!" - Zoomer

"Yeah!!! Ozzy the turtle is back!! I loved the first Turtle Odyssey game and Turtle Odyssey 2 is just as much fun. The spiky fish, poison flowers and octopuses are cool enemies. Go Ozzy! Turtle power strikes back!" - Maggie

"This is the first Turtle Odyssey game I've played and I loved it. Racking up points when I collected coins and gold bars and finding the hearts for extra lives was fun. Turtle Odyssey2 is a great game!" - Razza

"I like the bonuses at the end of every level in Turtle Odyssey 2. Great game!" - Jeanny

System Requirements


OS: Windows 2000/XP/VISTA
CPU: 600MHz or faster Processor
RAM: 128 MB


- Sorry, not available