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World Mosaics Game - Free World Mosaics Game Downloads!

World Mosaics Game - Free World Mosaics Game Downloads
Download Free World Mosaics Game Buy World Mosaics Game Now
World Mosaics Full Version Game Features
  • 99 Unique Puzzles In Story Mode!
  • 7 Exotic Locations!
  • Travel The World!
  • More Than 100 Extra Puzzles!
  • Over 10 Hours Of Addictive Gameplay!
  • Globe-trotting Adventure!

Description World Mosaics Game:

World Mosaics. Unravel the mysteries of a society that disappeared over a thousand years ago by solving the pictographic puzzles they left behind!

Solve your way through 99 World Mosaic puzzles in seven exotic locations around the world in story mode, or tackle over 100 additional puzzles in extra puzzle mode! Each puzzle in World Mosaics forms a unique mosiac that is only revealed once the puzzle is solved!

Your quest begins in the shadow of the majestic Parthenon, but it just may take you around the world for a globe-trotting adventure with World Mosaics!

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WorldMosaics Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews World Mosaics Game:

The World Mosaics game will have you travelling the world uncovering mysterious mosaics. World Mosaics is a unique puzzle game involving mosaic tiles and the mysteries of a society that disappeared over a thousand years ago. In World Mosaics you travel on archaeological expeditions uncovering mysterious mosaics that will provide the answer to the origins of the ancient Sea People. Each level in World Mosaics has a sand covered grid with numbers covered by sand. Your task is to remove the sand off squares one by one to reveal the mosaic underneath. The World Mosaics game has tons of levels, plus over 100 extra puzzles, addictive gameplay and a mystery to solve. Start your adventure with World Mosaics today!! " - Zoomer

World Mosaics - "It took me a while to get into World Mosaics. All those numbers scared me. But once I had mastered it I was totally addicted. Good game!" - Mary L

World Mosaics - "I love this kind of game, and this one has many strong points. At first glance it might resemble a match 3, but you actually have to use reason to figure out which squares have tiles under them and which are nothing. Pick the wrong tile, and you get a strike on your "mistakes" and too many of those and your game is over! Definitely worth a trial!" - a1976mi

World Mosaics Game Tips & Hints:

There are no World Mosaics game tips and hints available as yet.

System Requirements

Windows PC Game:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 800 Mhz
RAM: 256 MB
DirectX: 7.0
Hard Drive: 43 MB

Mac Game:

World Mosaics Game for Mac Available >>>