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Fairy Godmother Word Search Game

Being a Fairy Godmother is not all waving your magic wand around and sprinkling fairy dust about the place. The Fairy Godmother business is hard work. You have to buy supplies to create magic potions, read up on the latest magic spells and watch out for competitors selling cheap imitation magic potions.

Fairy Godmothers are very important if you want to live happily ever after. Just ask Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

Names of Fairy Godmother items are hidden in this fun Word Search Game. See if you can match all the words about the Fairy Godmother hidden in the Fairy Godmother word search game before your points fall to zero.

When you find a hidden word, click on the first letter of the word and drag to the last letter of the word. The words can be forwards, backwards, vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

You can start all over again by clicking on the "Restart" button and make a new game. Use the "Grid" button to change the size of the game

Did you know that In fairy tales, a fairy godmother is a fairy or person with magical powers who acts as a mentor or parent to someone?

There is lots more information you can find out about the Fairy Godmother:

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