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Mississippi Cities Word Search Game

Mississippi state flag

Located in the southern part of the United States, Mississippi is a state famous for the river which runs through it by the same name. It ranks at number 31 on the list of most populous US states.

Mississippi has a lot of forests outside of the Mississippi Delta area, while aquaculture has also become a popular activity within the region producing most of the farm-raised catfish consumed in the US.

Mississippi is known commonly as the Magnolia State or the Hospitality State, owing generally to the hospitality and friendly nature of the residents of the state. The capital city of Mississippi is Jackson, which is also the largest city. The second largest city is Gulfport.

It might not be as densely populated as the other states, but Mississippi is famous for its wildlife and forests, and the Mississippi River is a great place to visit for people who are looking to view animals in their natural habitat.

See if you can find all the hidden Mississippi Cities words in the game before your points fall to zero.

When you find a hidden word, click on the first letter of the word and drag to the last letter of the word. The words can be forwards, backwards, vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

You can start all over again by clicking on the "Restart" button and make a new game. Use the "Grid" button to change the size of the game

Did you know the official state bird of Mississippi is the Mockingbird?

There is lots more information you can find out about Mississippi Cities and the State of Mississippi.

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