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Word Search Game

A tycoon is an extremely wealthy and powerful business person. A tycoon can also be referred to as a Magnate or Mogul

See if you can find all the words about Tycoons hidden in the Tycoon word search game. You don't need to be a tycoon to find them but you will need a keen eye.

When you find a hidden word, click on the first letter of the word and drag to the last letter of the word. The words can be forwards, backwards, vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

That's all there is to it.You can start all over again by clicking on the "rescramble" button and make a new game.

Tycoon Word Search Game


Word Search Game Word Search Game
Word Search Game

You need a Java enabled browser to play the game. If you can't see the game you can download the free Java player from Java.com

Did you know the word tycoon comes from the Japanese word taikun, which means "great lord" or "shogun"?

There is lots more information you can find out about Tycoons.

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