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Wisconsin Cities Word Search Game

Wisconsin state flag

Located in the north-central part of the United States, Wisconsin is known by two other names: Badger State and America’s Dairyland.

Wisconsin is one of the largest dairy producers in the US, with its cheese products being particularly famous.

The capital city of Wisconsin is Madison while the largest city is Milwaukee.

The sugar maple tree, wood violet and robin are the state’s official tree, flower and bird.

The early inhabitants of the Wisconsin region were called Paleo-Indians. The Ioway, Ho-Chunk and Menominee peoples shared the region at the time of first European contact. In the early 1630s, French explorer Jean Nicolet landed at Green Bay.

It was only on May 29, 1848 that Wisconsin became an official state of the US.

A town here called Two Rivers is home of the Ice Cream Sundae, while Monroe is the Swiss Cheese Capital of the World.

See if you can find all the hidden Wisconsin Cities words in the game before your points fall to zero.

When you find a hidden word, click on the first letter of the word and drag to the last letter of the word. The words can be forwards, backwards, vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

You can start all over again by clicking on the "Restart" button and make a new game. Use the "Grid" button to change the size of the game

Did you know Wisconsin produces more milk than any other state in the U.S.A.?

There is lots more information you can find out about Wisconsin Cities and the State of Wisconsin.

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